Sustainable Homes in the UAE: Investing in a Greener Future

A little more than a decade ago, Dubai had one of the most impactful environmental footprints of any other global city. The city now, however, is quickly gaining a reputation as the most sustainable in the world, and homebuyers and investors have the opportunity to be part of something that could change the present and the future, not just in Dubai but the city could set the example for everywhere else on the planet. 

Dubai’s Quest for Sustainability

Arcadis, a global firm that specializes in sustainable design, recently ranked Dubai as one of the most sustainable cities, which can initially seem counterintuitive. For example, Dubai has been able to grow exponentially in recent years and thrive as a global economic powerhouse because it’s a major oil exporter. That doesn’t tell the full story, however.

Dubai has, for one, greatly diversified its economy. Now, oil actually only makes up less than 1% of the gross domestic product.

Since 2010, the city has committed to more green building regulations and the enforcement of sustainability standards. The city is hoping that by 2050 it will be able to transition to 75% clean energy sources and 25% renewable sources. Dubai is in the midst of building the largest solar park in the world and also a waste-to-energy plant that, when it’s done, will provide clean energy for as many as 120,000 households.

There have been a number of initiatives embraced in Dubai, including the Green Dubai Project and Dubai Plan 2021.

There’s also the impressive Sustainable City project, built by Diamond Developers. The community debuted in 2015, and it contains 89 apartment buildings and 500 villas. It’s organized into highly walkable clusters with a focus on green amenities.

Dubai’s residents and investors tend to be among the most forward-thinking in the world, so it makes sense that they would embrace sustainability and eco-friendly features not only on a large and governmental scale but also within their own homes.

There are so many prime Dubai properties that embrace the desire for sustainability the city is rapidly becoming known for while also giving the luxury that most are looking for here.

What Are the Features of an Eco-Friendly Home?

With many developers flocking to the city’s opportunities, there’s no shortage of luxury properties in Dubai, and these include eco-friendly and sustainable features. Examples of eco-friendly features that are often found in new construction include:

  • Energy Star appliances are one of the simplest ways to integrate sustainability into new home construction. Energy star appliances can reduce energy and water usage.
  • The right type of insulation plays a big role in reducing the amount of energy to keep homes comfortable, and this is especially relevant in the desert climate of Dubai. Modern insulation retains comfortable living and reduces energy use.
  • Programmable thermostats and smart home technology make it effortless to reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing comfort.
  • Low emittance windows can protect your home from the sun’s rays and keep spaces cooler, without making them feel darker.
  • Energy efficient lighting and maximizing natural lighting are favorite features among Dubai developers who have an eye on the environmental impacts of their properties.
  • Cool roofs can reflect light and heat away from the home’s structure, thanks to changes in building materials. Your home is more efficient when it comes to heating and cooling.
  • Geothermal and solar energy help homeowners enjoy low-maintenance, safe, and reliable sources of power. These energy sources also create jobs in addition to their environmental benefits.

What Are the Greenest Communities in Dubai?

Many exemplary communities in Dubai are embracing green living along with the luxury the city is known for.

Arabian Ranches is one example. There are abundant green areas and appealing amenities in this villa community. The buildings are low-rise, so you feel surrounded by natural tranquility and beauty.

Jumeirah Golf Estates offers villas and apartments, and each of the villas is built in clusters so that you’re surrounded by natural landscapes, and you also get a sense of privacy.

Of course, it’s difficult to talk about eco-friendly living in the city without again mentioning the Sustainable City, which is a modern development that has car-free residential zones, rooftops with solar panels, and homes equipped with energy-efficient appliances. The residents of the Sustainable City are encouraged to use the free electric bus service operating throughout the community or electric cars. Waste and water recycling facilities are available onsite, and all villas for sale in this community have UV-reflective paint. Even when it’s the hottest outside, your home will be a welcoming temperature. 

There are 11 biodomes in the Sustainable City with urban farming space, and you don’t ever have to leave the community if you don’t want to since it includes dining, retail, entertainment, and fitness options.

Mirdif is a community and popular residential area for anyone who loves nature and greenspaces. There are parks throughout the community and an abundance of services and amenities for self-contained living.

The Future of Dubai as a Sustainability Leader 

Buildings produce more emissions compared to any other source. They make up more than half of our total energy consumption, but they also represent one of the best opportunities for change at the individual level and also at the local and global levels.

As Dubai is transforming into the green economy of the future, and cities around the world are likely to follow its lead, it’s an exciting time to buy a home here or invest and be part of the transformation. 

If you’d like to learn more about luxury properties in Dubai with desirable environmentally friendly features for a more eco-centric and mindful lifestyle, the team at Chelsea International Properties can help. We provide access to not only the sought-after and exclusive properties in the city, but we can work to find you a property that will meet your needs as far as being a responsible global citizen and helping power Dubai as the leader in sustainability. 

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