Exploring Dubai’s Most Lush & Green Neighborhoods

People who are considering whether to buy townhouses in Dubai think of the area as a desert. Sandstorms swept through the hot afternoon sky and hot air greeted them everything they step outside. That’s not a realistic picture anymore. Dubai is a nature lover’s paradise full of luscious greens and breathtaking landscapes. This is all thanks to Dubai Municipality, which takes actions that create green lush neighborhoods.

The fact is that you see lush green landscapes and exotic plants everywhere in Dubai. It is not only a beautiful place but is developed to be eco-friendly. So if you love nature and are looking to buy townhouses in Dubai, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore some of Dubai’s amazingly lush neighborhoods.

Al Barari

Al Barari is the first stop in our exploration of Dubai’s luscious green neighborhoods and certainly one of the best destinations. Green fills the landscapes of over 200 homes that are in investment dream. These homes are decorated with beautiful gardens that mix in beautiful colors, creating a magical experience.

The area of Al Barari encompasses a massive 18.42 million-square-feet and over 60% of this is covered in breathtaking landscapes and lakes. All living areas take full advantage of this greenery too, giving residents their own slice of beauty.

The Greens

The Greens is another amazing place to buy townhouses in Dubai. This area’s main selling point is that it promotes a healthier and more natural lifestyle for residents. Individuals stepping into The Greens in Dubai for the first time are met with a decorative array of tall and small building all sprinkled around in a truly etiquette manner.

This village town is also home to several golf courses, making it a popular choice for renters. It’s also conveniently near highways that give residents easy access to essential surrounding areas.

Emirates Hills

Emirate Hills is one of the most popular destinations in Dubai. Its 17 theme parks and natural aesthetic beauty have created a popular destination.  Individuals looking to buy townhouses in Dubai will love the customized layout of villas throughout the area. Each one has its own unique private garden. They are also tucked away in neighborhoods with luscious trees so there’s no shortage of greenery.

Discovery Gardens

Discovery Gardens provides a serene atmosphere for residents. Its design puts focus on its natural beauty and captivates the eye. This is an idea destination for international residents who are accustomed to the moist, green atmosphere that encompasses their country of origin. So, they tend to flock to this area to avoid dry, desert conditions.

This area is broken up into six unique sections, each one offering a unique array of premium features and stunning visuals.

Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden offers an escape from the dullness of the big city by providing all amenities one would expect while also giving residents a breathtaking, green atmosphere. Its natural beauty downright mesmerizes residents, making this a popular place to buy townhouses in Dubai.

This area boasts hundreds of different types of plants and flowers, adding to its majestic beauty. Furthermore, the Dubai Municipality is planning to expand the park, adding even more value to surrounding properties in the coming years.

Dubai Creek Park

Dubai Green Park is another destination that is made popular by its incredible views of Old Dubai. It’s also one of the oldest parks in all of Dubai so it’s no wonder that neighborhoods are quite popular throughout the area. This park is so massive that it utilizes a cable car for traversing its length.

You can also expect to find mini-golf courses, go-karts, and a Dolphinarium in this wonderful park. Investors should take a close look at properties surrounding Dubai Creek Park for profitable deals.

Za’abeel Park

Za’abeel Park is another lush destination in Dubai and its surrounding neighborhoods are a popular choice. This park boasts a number of exhilarating activities including a skate park and mini golf. But its featured activity is the Dubai Garden Glow. This light-up garden is created using all recycled material.

The entire park stretches across three areas that encompass a total of 117 acres. These areas are connected by bridges so individuals can easily traverse from one area to the next as they explore. But one of the biggest selling points is the impressive Panoramic Tower, which offers breathtaking views of the entire city.

Al Barsha Pond Park

Our next stop is Al Barsha Park. This area features a man-made pond enveloped by a 50-acre paradise of greenery. It’s a family-friendly atmosphere designed with cool playgrounds for children.  The running track that circles the water front also makes this a popular destination for joggers and fitness enthusiasts. Finally, there is a go-kart track that circles the perimeter of the park.

It’s no wonder that surrounding neighborhoods are a popular place to buy townhouses in Dubai.

Burj Park

The next destination on this virtual journey is located in downtown Dubai. Although it’s a small area, Burj Park offers some of the most incredible views in the whole city. However, this small park offers a relaxing green rest from the bustle of city life, making it a popular choice.

It’s also worth mentioning that Burj Park is pet-friendly. This is mentionable because most of the parks on this list do not fit that label.

Dubai Miracle Park

Dubai Miracle Park is one of the more unique destinations in Dubai, offering a paradise of over 50 million different types of flowers. These flowers are arranged in a way that makes the most of their array of colors, creating a magical atmosphere.

What makes Dubai Miracle Park so unique is that it changes with each season, giving residents a reason to revisit this majestic park. Located just outside of central Dubai, the neighbourhoods surrounding Dubai Miracle Park are a great place to buy townhouses in Dubai.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Buy Townhouses in Dubai!

Investing in Dubai real estate puts you in the driver’s seat for high returns that are associated with the area. This thriving metropolis has something for everyone! The fact that there are so many lush green getaways to escape the hustle of city life makes it all the more appealing. Of course, that’s not the only benefit of living in Dubai. The entire city is considered attractive. There’s a reason tourists flock to Dubai all year long! 

Property in Dubai Hills Estate is in high demand and boasts impressive profit margins. Contact us today if you’re interested in discovering how you can cash in on the lucrative opportunities found in Dubai. Don’t miss out!

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