Dubai Announces 90-day Visit Visa for Family and Friends of UAE Residents

One of the hardest parts of being an expat is being away from loved ones, and goodbyes never seem to get any easier. However, residents of Dubai can now sponsor their family or friends with a 90-day visit visa, according to recent updates from the UAE Federal Authority for Identity, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP).

To extend the visit of their loved ones, Dubai residents can pay a refundable deposit of AED1,000. The new group family visas for tourism, treatment, and patient companionship are also available for both single and multiple entries and are valid for 60 or 180 days. People of determination are exempt from fingerprinting requirements when applying for passport issuance, renewal, or replacement.

Moreover, holders of a one-time 90-day visa can benefit from a 30-day extension through the visa extension service. However, renewing residency visas that are valid for more than six months is prohibited. Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) citizens without an Emirates ID can now access cancellation and amendment services through the updated smart services system.

It is crucial to note that overstaying tourists can face charges, fines, and risk of being blacklisted by the UAE government. Hence, while planning to call family and friends over, visitors should not miss the selection of holiday homes available.

In summary, Dubai’s 90-day visit visa for family and friends of UAE residents is excellent news for expats who miss their loved ones. The recent updates from ICP have provided a range of visa options for people’s different needs, and visitors should be mindful of the UAE’s immigration policies to avoid complications.

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