Downtown Dubai

In a very short period of time, the UAE has become a luxurious oasis in the middle of the mysterious and mighty desert. One of the most chic of them is rightly considered Dubai. It is a city of opportunities and wonders. Here there are excellent prospects for business and the best conditions for life and leisure.

Modern areas in Dubai are famous for their exclusive architecture and infrastructure thought-out to the smallest detail. This creates not just a beautiful place to live, but a very comfortable, safe, attractive environment for recreation and tourism.

Downtown Dubai

An area that is conveniently located near Business Bay and Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard is Downtown Dubai. Lots of luxury and elegance abound here, and life is filled with all the colors of the sensual palette. Exclusive townhouses, modern penthouses, luxury hotels.

On the boulevard, you can choose the bars and restaurants of your choice, from world-famous brands to local, incredibly colorful establishments.

Creation History

This neighborhood is very young, and like anything young, it appeals with its freshness, ethos and vibrancy. The Downtown Dubai residential and commercial district was conceived in 2004 as a grandiose complex. Emaar Properties Group, one of the best development companies of UAE, was engaged in its realization. The result is a very beautiful, respectable and luxurious area with elaborated infrastructure and technical provision. Here you can live and work comfortably and enjoy the priceless time of your life in the best place on earth.

Modern Downtown Dubai

Like any center of other world capitals, Downtown Dubai is incredibly attractive to tourists and businessmen. It covers 200 hectares and is home to some of the most famous architectural landmarks: the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, the Dubai Mall, a huge shopping center, and of course, the famous Dubai Fountain, an incredible wonder that all tourists long to see. Residential real estate in the area is in high demand, the price range is quite high. However, the investment more than pays off not only in impressions and emotions, but also in a tangible monetary equivalent.

Neighborhood in Downtown Dubai

For the most part, this area of Dubai is built up with high-rises offering a luxurious lifestyle of celestials. From the top of these towers, you can enjoy beautiful views of the city or the natural landscape, the ever-changing desert or the romantic blue water. Life in the heart of Dubai is vibrant, luxurious and unparalleled. World famous attractions, shopping and business centers are available here. The wide range of real estate can satisfy any preference for a prestigious lifestyle and chic getaway. There are numerous restaurants, boutiques, hotels and entertainment venues such as Burj Park and the Dubai Fountain with its light show and beautiful music.

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, which are located in the Dubai Mall, have been open to the public since 2008 and house 33,000 different animals.

The transport infrastructure of the area is highly developed, making it easy to get anywhere in Dubai.

Property in downtown Dubai

The average selling price is 1,450 UAE dirhams per square foot, and the larger the object of residential property by area, the lower the cost per square meter may be. So, it is profitable to buy luxury apartments or villas.

The average rental cost is about 98 thousand UAE dirhams per square foot, with short-term rentals can bring much more income, but long-term – provides a guaranteed steady income.

Return on investment averaged – from 5 to 8% or more per object, and there are also nuances, how to increase their income safely and securely, which you can find out from our manager.

The most popular apartments are in new developments, where you can buy housing at very attractive prices.

Luxury off-plan apartments Dubai Downtown are presented in our catalog in its entirety. Here everyone finds an offer on the soul and the wallet.

Luxury apartments for sale in Dubai Downtown is a great investment either as a real estate investment or as a place to live and relax with your family.

Flats for sale in Downtown Dubai will help you choose our experts with their extensive experience and knowledge.

Downtown properties

Take a look at the residential properties for sale in our database. There are penthouses, apartments and condos that are available for sale or rent in Downtown. Contact any of our agents to learn more about living and infrastructure in the area of your choice. You can also leave an application on our website. We will quickly respond to your request. Contact us, we will 100% help you choose the best residential property in downtown Dubai to live or invest in, as we have helped many people from different countries.

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