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Morocco at DAMAC Lagoons: Your Gateway to Luxury Living – Discover Exquisite Townhouses & Villas! Embrace the Extraordinary

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AED 2.990.000

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Q4 2026

Property Type

4, 5, 6,7BR Villas



Morocco: Your Oasis of Luxury at DAMAC Lagoons

Morocco stands as the latest jewel in the crown of DAMAC Lagoons, marking the final installment within this vibrant community. This cluster is poised to exude the captivating essence of Moroccan culture, enticing those who seek a harmonious lifestyle just moments away from a plethora of entertainment and leisure destinations.

What sets Morocco at DAMAC Lagoons apart is its privileged access to the communal amenities spread across the various clusters of DAMAC Lagoons. Residents will have the privilege of enjoying a crystalline swimmable water lagoon, mere minutes from their doorstep. Beyond this, a plethora of additional amenities await, including state-of-the-art sports facilities, an aqua gym for aquatic enthusiasts, an outdoor spa for ultimate relaxation, fitness and wellness centers to promote a healthy lifestyle, water sport facilities for the adventurous, and a diverse array of dining venues to cater to every culinary desire.

Morocco at Damac Lagoon
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Dining Outlets
Green Surrounding
Swimming Pool

Damac Lagoons: Where Opulence Meets Nature

The realm of Damac Lagoons has always been an epitome of allure and opulence, offering a fresh perspective on luxury living. Nestled in the embrace of nature’s beauty and blessed with the conveniences of modernity, residents are invited on an exhilarating journey filled with top-tier amenities seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge smart services.

This exquisite and sophisticated lifestyle enclave possesses a distinctive charm that mirrors its unique style and lavishness. It serves as an ideal setting to refine and elevate your standards, exposing you to the pinnacle of luxury and comfort, with every conceivable convenience at your fingertips.

Key Highlights:

  • The introduction of a premium cluster within Damac Lagoons.
  • Pristine water lagoons and sandy beaches create a picturesque backdrop.
  • Attractive and flexible payment plans to suit individual preferences.
  • Waterside cafes and facilities reminiscent of gondola rides.
  • A delightful array of waterside boutiques, shopping options, and dining venues await your exploration.
DAMAC Lagoons Morocco villas

Anya Townhouses in Arabian Ranches - Connectivity

Floor Plans Of Anya Townhouses by Emaar

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Economic Allure

Moroccan property investment surpasses the remarkable threshold of AED 2 million (equivalent to USD 545,000), you will readily fulfill the prerequisites for obtaining a coveted Golden Visa. This prestigious visa, boasting a decade of validity, extends its privileges to encompass not only you but also your cherished family members and loyal domestic staff. A delightful addendum to this privilege is the bestowal of an Esaad card, an exclusive passport to a world of savings. With this card in hand, you gain access to enticing discounts spanning a staggering array of 7,200+ brands, both within the United Arab Emirates and across international borders.


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Morocco at DAMAC Lagoons
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