The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Off-Plan Properties in Dubai

Investing in real estate is a serious game of chess, and the board is the bustling city of Dubai. With its enchanting skyline and booming property market, buying an off-plan property in Dubai can be like grabbing the queen – a power move! But, without the right moves, it could feel like you’re caught in a perpetual check. So, how about we equip you with the right strategies? The following step-by-step guide will streamline your off-plan property investment journey in Dubai, turning you into a veritable Gary Kasparov of real estate. Buckle up, it’s going to be a fun ride!

What is Off-Plan Property?

Off-plan property refers to real estate that is still under construction. Investors make a deal with the developer before the property is operational. This type of investment comes with a convenient installment payment plan, allowing investors to deposit cash gradually. The initial payment usually varies between 20-25% of the total cost of the property, depending on the developer and the building itself.

Top Off-Plan Projects in Dubai

Dubai boasts a variety of off-plan projects in areas like Dubailand, Dubai South, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Hills Estate, and Business Bay. These projects, developed by renowned developers like DAMAC, Emaar, and Sobha, offer luxurious apartments and villas that cater to different budgets and preferences.

Off-Plan Purchase Specifics

Why Invest in Off-Plan Projects in Dubai?

Investing in off-plan projects in Dubai comes with a series of advantages:

Affordable: The average cost per square meter in housing under construction is AED 7,100, compared to AED 13,000 in finished property. The price rises as construction progresses, making it more profitable to invest in the early stages of development.

Profitability: Investors can sell the property under construction before it is put into operation at a higher price, making a profit.

Wide Choice: In the early stages of the project, the choice of residences is much greater than at the completion of development, allowing investors to choose the best option.

Convenient Payment Scheme: Many developers set a very small amount of advances – about 5% of the total cost. Such payment plans allow investors to distribute costs over the long term.

Step 1: Define Your Property Goals

Like any game, the key to winning is having a well-thought-out strategy. In the realm of off-plan property investments, this begins by creating a comprehensive list of your property preferences. Take out your notepad, pull up a chair, and let’s get the ball rolling.

Your budget is your king, protect it! Determine how much you’re willing to invest and consider various factors such as mortgage rates, if applicable. Your desired ROI is the queen, keep it powerful! If you’re looking at the property as a rental investment, research average rental yields in different areas.

Consider your knights – preferred developers known for quality and timely delivery, and bishops – preferred locations offering excellent amenities and connectivity. The property size, type, and payment plans are your rooks, helping fortify your investment strategy. For instance, one-bedroom apartments might offer higher rental yields, while villas could offer better capital appreciation.

Step 2: Partner with a Trustworthy Realtor

Having a seasoned realtor on your side is like having a chess coach guiding you through the game. A trustworthy realtor can not only help you navigate the labyrinthine landscape of off-plan property investments but can also help you keep your sanity intact. They’ll shortlist properties fitting your requirements, provide regular market updates, and ensure the contractual terms are as confusing as a toddler’s drawings.

Remember, a good realtor will always put your interests first, so pick someone who’s more focused on closing a good deal for you rather than just closing a deal.

Step 3: Shortlist Your Preferred Properties

With your realtor’s help, you’ll shortlist properties that fit your requirements like a glove. You’ll receive a briefing for each property, including brochures, payment plans, and floor plans. It’s like Christmas morning, only with fewer socks and more ROI!

Ensure you review these materials carefully and don’t hesitate to request more information. After all, no one ever won a game of chess by moving their pieces randomly.

Step 4: Secure Your Property

Now that you’ve narrowed down your choices, it’s time to take your best shot. This involves visiting the developer’s sales office to reserve your unit. It’s like a game day, with an initial deposit and the signing of the Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA) marking the kickoff.

The initial deposit is usually around 5% to 15% of the property value. The SPA outlines the terms and conditions of the sale, so ensure you understand every detail. Remember, this is a binding contract, not your grandma’s chicken soup recipe, so no ingredient should be overlooked!

Step 5: Make the First Installment Payment

After the adrenaline rush of securing your off-plan property, you’ll need to make your first installment payment as per your payment plan. Don’t forget to pay the DLD (Dubai Land Department) registration fee and oqood fee. These ensure your purchase gets registered with the government authorities. It’s like getting a VIP ticket to the ‘I own a property in Dubai’ club.

Step 6: Finalize the Sales and Purchase Agreement

Upon receiving the SPA from the developer, it’s prudent to get legal advice to ensure you understand all the terms and conditions. Don’t forget to check the fine print! It’s usually there where they mention that you’re also buying a bridge in Brooklyn.

Once you’re satisfied, it’s time to sign on the dotted line and return the SPA. It’s like reaching the endgame in chess, the part where the real fun begins!

Step 7: Fulfill Your Payment Obligations

Depending on your payment plan, you’ll need to make regular installment payments before the project’s completion date. It’s like maintaining a disciplined workout routine – painful at times, but necessary for a rewarding result.

Remember, timely payments are crucial to secure your eligibility for property handover. It’s the home stretch, and you don’t want to trip now!

Step 8: Await Project Completion

This stage is like waiting for the microwave to ping! The developer is contractually obligated to complete the construction and deliver the property by a pre-decided date. Upon project completion, you’ll receive a completion notice from the developer.

At this stage, you can finally start planning your housewarming party. Remember, no party is complete without guacamole!

Step 9: Inspect and Receive Your Property

Last but not least, it’s time to inspect the property before handover. Hiring a third-party inspection team is highly recommended for this step. After all, you wouldn’t want any unpleasant surprises like a singing portrait of your developer in the living room.

Once you’re satisfied, the developer will handover the property to you, marking the end of your off-plan property buying journey. It’s the checkmate move you’ve been waiting for!

Make Your Off-Plan Property Investment Journey Seamless with Our Expert Guidance

Congratulations! You’ve successfully navigated the fascinating maze of buying an off-plan property in Dubai! But remember, no chess game is won in a single move. With every step, you need to be proactive, meticulous, and strategic. Our experienced team of realtors is ready to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your off-plan property buying journey is as seamless as a hot knife through butter. It’s time to make your move, and let’s make it a winning one!

Our guide simplifies the process of buying off-plan properties in Dubai. Here’s how it works:

  1. Understanding Off-Plan Properties: We’ll start by demystifying what off-plan properties are and why they are causing such a stir among investors.

  2. Choosing the Right Property: With our insights into the various locations and options available in Dubai, you’ll be well-equipped to choose your own ‘diamond in the desert’.

  3. Navigating the Buying Process: We’ll hold your hand (figuratively, of course) as we guide you through the process of buying off-plan properties, from choosing a developer to signing the contract.

  4. Making Informed Decisions: Knowledge is power, and we’re here to make you powerful. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be making smart decisions about your investment in no time.


What is an off-plan property?

Off-plan properties are those that are purchased directly from a developer before the construction is completed.

What is the Dubai Land Department (DLD) registration fee?

The DLD registration fee is a government fee for registering your property under your name. It is usually 4% of the property value.

What is an oqood fee?

Oqood fee is an administrative fee for registering your off-plan property purchase with the Dubai Land Department. It is typically 4% of the property price.

Is it worth buying off-plan property in Dubai?

Yes, buying off-plan property in Dubai is a worthwhile investment due to its affordability, potential for profitability, wide choice of residences, and convenient payment schemes.

Which areas have the best off-plan property in Dubai?

Areas like Dubailand, Dubai South, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Hills Estate, and Business Bay have some of the best off-plan properties in Dubai.

Why buy off-plan in Dubai?

Buying off-plan in Dubai is more affordable, offers a chance for profitability, provides a wide choice of residences, and comes with convenient payment schemes.


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